OC (pepper) Spray Level 1


Become certified by Sabre Red Instructors to deploy an OC (pepper) Spray device as a law enforcement or security officer.


Force (that is intended to cause great bodily harm or death) or “Lethal Force” is not always justifiable, and even when justifiable is not always the preferred option for the situation.

In this 4.5 hour class, you will learn:

  1.   How to effectively and efficiently operate an OC-Spray device.
  2.   The chemistry of its contents.
  3.   Tactical considerations for use.
  4.   Legal obligations & potential outcomes.
  5.   Experience for effects of the chemical yourself (Guards Requirement).
  6.   How to maintain combat effectiveness while under the effects (Guards Requirement).


LT Campus is at 925 S Loomis St. Chicago, IL 60614.

Group classes (+10) may be held anywhere within 30 miles of the LT Campus without incurring a travel charge.

You Pick Date” classes are held at LT Campus.


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