Before the professional first responders arrive.

American citizens are their own first responders.

About Us


Our team are First Responders, its in our blood.

We put our curriculum to the test, ALL instructors are competitive shooters & or fighters.

    • Unarmed: MCMAP, IBJJF, Golden Gloves
    • Armed: USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun


Carmine M.

FREEDOM is the most valuable and fragile asset, and my life’s work is to make sure that there is a force uncompromised that is able to protect it, the people that it sets free

    • Certifications:  CSAT, USCCA, NRA, ISP, Red Cross, Second Chance Medical
    • Unarmed Training: Renzo Gracie, Evolution Dojo, USMATF TKD, FDA Muy Thai
    • Armed Training: USPSA, IDPA, 2Gun – Kalashni-con, Practical Rifle ASC.
    •  Extra: Illinois Masonry, WeDefy Ambassador, 2nd Chance K9 Ambassador


kevin wheeler

As a Marine I know the battle for freedom is not over until I draw my last breathe and I am the last one out, and last time I checked, I’m still breathing, OOHRAH!

    • Certifications:  NRA, Controlled Force, ISP, Red Cross, ASP, Axon, SabreRed
    • Unarmed Training: MCMAP, Renzo Gracie BJJ
    • Armed Training: USPSA, IDPA, Practical Rifle ASC.
    •  Extra: Illinois Masonry, Scottish Rite, Published Author

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