Obtain Your CCL in Chicago, IL

At American Civil Defense Company, we’re more than just a training facility—we’re your safety partners. Our comprehensive courses, including our highly recommended self-defense and Concealed Carry License (CCL) courses, are designed with your security in mind. Based in Chicago, IL, we’re proud to serve a diverse clientele looking to responsibly protect themselves and their loved ones.


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Empower Yourself With Our Exceptional CCL Training

Having a Concealed Carry License (CCL) not only empowers individuals to protect themselves and their families, but it also promotes responsible gun ownership. A CCL course ensures that license holders understand the legal and ethical implications of carrying a concealed weapon.

Furthermore, being in a large city like Chicago, IL, where the necessity for personal safety can be heightened, a CCL provides peace of mind knowing that you are equipped and trained to handle potential threats. Proper training provided by American Civil Defense Company, ensures that you can carry confidently, safely, and responsibly.

Our experienced instructors, each with over 200 annual hours of continuing education, are both Illinois State Police and federally licensed, ensuring your training is aligned with national standards. We arm you with leading technology and time-tested training, helping you navigate the process of earning your CCL seamlessly.

Our real-world scenarios and practical applications equip you with the ability to respond quickly, calmly, and effectively when emergencies arise. This preparation is not only about knowing how to use your concealed weapon, but also understanding when its use is warranted, considering the legal and ethical implications. In essence, our training program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to manage challenging situations with confidence and responsibility.

Contact us today and learn how to carry concealed the right way, with the proper license and the knowledge to use it responsibly. Let us guide you on the path to assured safety. American Civil Defense Company is your first step toward peace of mind.