Concealed Carry Certification


More than just a state required course, you will be introduced to the S.A.C.R.E.D. program. It reinforces the mental and moral attitude needed to navigate society in a positive pro American community focused manner, and when everything that you spent your life’s work on is threatened, how to stop those forces, quickly and efficiently.

This course provides the required 16 hours of education as required by the Illinois States Police for application of a Concealed Carry License.

In this 16 hour class, you will learn:

  1.   How to safely operate an Pistol.
  2.   How to effectively & efficiently operate a pistol from a combat standpoint.
  3.   The laws as they pertain to storage, carrying, and transportation.
  4.   The laws on when you can use your firearm (use of force).
  5.   Guidance on pistol, concealment garment, & accessory selection.
  6.   Tactical considerations for self defense involving your pistol and other tools.
  7.   The chemistry and engineering of ammunition.
  8.   How to protect yourself legally and financially.
  9.   How to practice on your own to improve.

A rental firearm, ammunition, eye & ear protection, targets, & any range fees will be provided for at NO additional cost.

LT Campus is at 925 S Loomis St. Chicago, IL 60614.

Range, occurring at 9am on Sundays unless otherwise noted occurs at ARTICLE 2 in LOMBARD, IL

Class starts at 9am and ends at 6pm, there will be a break for lunch.

Group rates are available for public and private classes.

Private classes (6+) may have the classroom portion be held anywhere within 25 miles of the LT Campus without incurring a travel charge, email for more info.


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