Pistol Fundamentals


Come and learn the fundamentals of pistol safety & operation.  These skills and knowledge will follow you throughout the rest of your self-defense or sporting career.

    1. This course teaches the fundamentals processes of operating a pistol, both semiautomatic & revolver.
    2. The student will learn the parts of both styles of pistols, their mechanics, and the construction & physics of ammunition.
    3. Loading, Chambering, Clearing, Aiming, Addressing Malfunctions, & Basic Cleaning will be covered.
    4. Simulated Fire drill exercises will be offered & coached.
    5. A live fire exam is required to receive a NRA certificate, but is not mandatory to participate.
    6. We will supply either a semiautomatic or a revolver with the corresponding ammunition & PPE for your exam (included in price)
    7. This class's hours (when receiving an NRA certificate) count towards an IL CCW course.


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